The Culture lab conducts research and practice to strengthen links between music, culture, place, and community. Emerging research is revealing the social, cultural, health, and education benefits of community music programs. IMP researchers are expanding this area of interest through music and health research in urban and remote regions of the country. Music has long been tied to social and cultural identity, and community music making initiatives are at the heart of social cohesion for many people. New networks provide ways for geographically and socially remote people to interact at distance, forming new communities and new musical cultures. IMP researchers are working with industry, education, and health professionals throughout Australia and internationally to identify the benefits and limits of music for personal and cultural regeneration. As the technological barriers to distribution and production crumble, the gap between amateur and professional musicians is blurring. Community culture is the site at which these forces intersect and play out on a daily basis. The IMP Culture lab focuses on this most important site of music research and takes it seriously as a valuable and growing part of culture and industry.


  • Community coaching research and development
  • Alternative assessment packages for marginalised youth
  • Research into the role of music in health and wellbeing
  • Research into music, place, and identity