A&R Lab

A&R stands for Artists and Repertoire. For decades the A&R department decided which talent and songs would be "the next big thing". It was the heart of the 20th century mass music industry. At IMP the A&R lab is not so much concerned with creating "the next big thing". Rather, we are interested to see what happens when we put writers and artists from different backgrounds together, what happens when we promote new music in new ways to new audiences, or what happens when we approach talent and content development from the standpoint of the new industrial and technological landscape. Inspired by New York's Brill Building, which produced some of the greatest songs and artists in history, IMP's A&R lab is founded in the spirit of play, collaboration, creativity, and innovation.


  • new musical works
  • new talent pools
  • new creative combinations
  • high level skills development
  • education research for musical talent development