Julian Knowles and the Dead Sea

Julian Knowles, Trumpmanis (David Trumpmanis) and The Dead Sea (Tim Bruniges) will collaborate to compose a 45 minute audio-visual music set for live performance and touring. The work will be composed for an ensemble of two laptop computers, two electric guitars, drums, and video projection; and will explore the nexus between experimental electronic music, post-rock forms and experimental audio-visual practices. The new work will form the basis of subsequent recording and touring, targeting local, European and North American territories.

All three collaborators possess skills in studio production as well as in composition and performance. The project sees the team taking the musical and performative elements of popular music and experimenting with these in a hydridised musical process that draws upon techniques and concepts from a wide range of musical and production traditions. The team is developing work which retains the gestural and instrumental language of popular music in performance, that is the instruments (guitars, bass, drums) and the associated visual aspects of the popular music line-up. Real-time computer signal processing of the live instruments will be employed, but the computers will not be visually foregrounded in performance.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To explore the liminal space between experimental electronic music and popular music for the purposes of producing a new collaborative work, ready for touring and recording;
  • To cross media boundaries to produce experimental music video work, using popular music instrumentation and computers as the basis for the soundtrack;
  • To explore experimental creative processes for collaborative composition using media technologies.

The outcomes of the project will be:

  • 45 minutes of music and visuals for a hybrid ensemble of drums, guitars, computers and video projection;
  • A rehearsed live set of project material, ready for performance and touring;
  • A CD/DVD release.

The project will take place in Brisbane, Australia at the Independent Music Project facility, QUT Gasworks Studios.