ep 1 released



Pigeon | I Lie, She Lies
Blaq Carrie | Million Soldier's Dream
I Kick Clouds | Lions Cry
Warmwaters | Le Bonheur (Happiness)
Jackson James Smith | I Got You  

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ep 2 released


Bandito Folk | Furrow
O' Little Sister | Ready For This
BMXRay | Double Negative
We All Want To | Mindless Damage
Halfway | Honey I Like You

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ep 3 released


Avaberée | The Devil Can Hide In Snow
Angharad Drake | Gone
Alex Bell | Atika And Shem
Hannah Rosa | Drifting In Outer Space
Kelsie Rimmer | China Doll 

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ep 4 released

Arcade Made | White Collar
The Better Mousetrap Treament | Home Tree
District Of East | All The Things
Night Owl & The Early Birds | If You're Still Mine
LeSuits | Fiddly Bits

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ep 5 released


Big Strong Brute | The Long Road
Brianna Campbell | To The Banks
Dear Anonymous | Sleep City Cry
Andrew Lowden feat. Hailey Calvert | Until You Wake Me
Rohin Power | Australia Part II

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ep 6 released


Go Violets | Technocrat
Aurora and Daisy | Flyaways
Foxes | Smoke
The 52 Pickups | Promises-Promises

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ep 7 released



Panda and the Bears | Keen As Mustard
Phil Hancock | Interesting People
The Captain's Daughters | Summer Vibe
Andrew Benjamin | Splendour In The Grass
Warmwaters | Honeyeaters

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ep 8 released


John Meyer | If I Were You
Bec Plath | Now That You've Gone
Phil Hancock | Only Tears
Nel | Wishful Thinking
Bertie Page Clinic | Serpentine

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EP 9 released


Thomas Bryce | The Thief Inside
Jack Paterson | Hands
Major Leagues | Moon Pulls
Screens | Wade
Andrew Benjamin | Money Tree

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EP 10 released


Beaking Hart Benton | Desperate & Dazed
Seafarer | Intangible Love
Susanna O'Leary | Break Me Down
Crown Birds | Late In The Evening
Mzaza | Sous La Lune

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ep 11 released


Marcy Prospects | Nowhere Left To Run
Gentlemen | Drink your Mother
J. Francis | a l m os t
Michelle Xen | Smash The Wall
NEL | Ordinary Day

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ep 12 released


Mathew Borja | Stars
Night Owl & The Early Birds | This Time
Turner | Carry On (You Fight)
Flannelette | Choir Of Life
Scribble Sound | Fish Out Of Water

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ep 13 released


Michael Blundell | Miss Your Love
Winter Solstice | By The Ocean
Kelsie Rimmer | Not A Sound
Seafarer | Destroyer Games
Angharad Drake | Told Me

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ep 14 released


John Meyer | Girl In A White Woollen Hat
The 52 Pickups | So Hot Right Now
Halfway | Shakespeare Hotel
Sean Sennett | Grant McLennan's Cowboy Boots
The Good Ship | The Ocean Is Calling Me

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ep 15 released


Breaking Hart Benton | How Long
Alex Bell | Two Little Drops
Winter Solstice | Fox And The Hound
Michael Blundell | Tuesday Morning
Andrew Benjamin | The Girl

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ep 16 released


Flinter | You Know Me
Phil Hancock | The Bad Side Of Love
NEL | If It Was
The Dirty Eastwoods | The Drifter II
Scribble Sound | The Girl

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ep 17 released


Drawn From Bees | Always The Last
Gentlemen | Cosmic Skin
Daisie May | Little Girl incomplete
Andrew Benjamin | Saved
Rick Fights | Road

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ep 18 released


Black Mustang | Leap Of Faith
Our Ithaca Creek | Goodbye
The Good Ship | Captain One Day
StormChasers | Doghouse
Sean Sennett | Before You Went Away

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ep 19 released


Jakarta Criers | Watchtower Birds
The Clues | City In
Fushia | Harmonic
Aurora and Daisy | Molly's Song
Go Violets | Keep Kate

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ep 20 released


BMXRay | New Disguise
Tape/Off | Believe in You
Black Mustang | Hanging On
Flannelette | Blow
The Arachnids | Lack of Control

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