Vanessa Hodgins - vocals   |   Emma Hales - cello   |   as well as a host of regular and not-so-regular collaborators.

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Whipbird - Creek Beds

Recorded on Day 5 in Gasworks Studio C.

Engineer: Phil Graham
Mix Engineer: Phil Graham
Executive Producers: Phil Graham and Julian Knowles
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Quietly emerging songwriter Vanessa Hodgins tells stories she shouldn't at a volume most fragile. Whipbird encompasses Vanessa's work as a solo writer as well as her collaborative efforts with a host of Brisbane musicians, regularly including Emma Hales, Kieran Ryan, Amanda Tio and Sam Hales. Having spent her formative years fronting local folk-pop band Sweet Fawn, Whipbird marks a departure for Vanessa as her knowledge as a performer and writer matures. 2011 will see the release of a debut EP for Whipbird and a return to the live music scene in the second half of the year. Vanessa's performances are known for her darkly optimistic and original breed of folk-pop. Vanessa's strength, fragility, honesty and poetry combine to create a unique lyrical ability, and when coupled with the beautiful musical arrangements of long-time band mate Emma Hales, make Whipbird one of the most exciting young bands in Brisbane this year.
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