Richard Grewar

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Turner - Big Gun

Recorded on Day 2 in Gasworks Studio B.

Engineer: Andy Brader
Mix Engineer: Andy Brader
Executive Producers: Phil Graham and Julian Knowles
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Inspiration is a funny thing. It can come from a memory, a conversation, or in this case being fed the classics like Led Zeppelin & Michael Jackson at the family dinner table as a child. Australian pop, singer/songwriter Richard Grewar knows how to take inspiration from any situation. Now one may assume that said child would shake off these memories as the good old days and move on, but Richard has taken these moments in his stride as the foundation of his musical journey.

In Richard's solo-outfit, Turner, he's found a place to express his stories about family, love won & lost, and those life experiences that make us who we are. His love for the art of songwriting stems from the idea that you can take people through narratives and moods via this wonderfully expressive, universal medium called music. Both the open tunings of Jeff Buckley, and the subtle atmospheric soundscapes created by Radiohead are a significant part of the Turner blueprint, partnered with the unlikely pop influences of Sia and Sarah Blasko. Very few musicians can comfortably list these ladies of pop as strong influences but it's their brilliant vocal abilities, catchy melodies, simple hooks and pop lyrics that Richard draws from.

The Turner stories are a thing of vast beauty and 'heart on your sleeve' honesty, the tunes are a little pop, a little rock and a little folk, rich in colour and undertone. Eddie Vedder meets Tonic meets Gotye, if you will. And don't let the term pop turn you off, because it's those subtle pop sensibilities that keep us hooked and coming back for a second helping.

'Ghosts', the debut album from TURNER will be released worldwide July 2011, but in the meantime head to www.myspace.com/turneronline to preview tracks and check out the tourdates.
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