Transvaal Diamond Syndicate

Christian Tryhorn - resonator/hollow-body/vocals/percussion   |   Tim Price - kit/rhymes   |   Matt Barker - sax/synth/percussion

100 Songs Recordings 

Ol' Carolina

Recorded on Day 4 in Gasworks Studio A.

Engineer: Peet Gardner
Mix Engineer: Peet Gardner
Executive Producers: Phil Graham and Julian Knowles
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July 2009 saw the beginning of a rapid upwards journey for Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, almost immediately garnering attention for their raw, energetic, exciting and often primeval live shows. The hard work is paying off - Transvaal Diamond Syndicate's year will be shaped by their inclusion on Australia's premier Blues and Roots Festival, Byron Bay Bluesfest, as well as the signing of a record deal with Starving Kids Records for their next release (Aug 2011).

Brand new single Devil on My Shoulder, a dancey sure-to-be-radio-classic number all about those dirty little secrets, those things that you can't speak about in "polite" company, was released in April and has been since played on Triple J Radio and currently sits at the #4 most ordered song on Australian Community Radio (AMRAP).

2011 has also seen TDS' core members Christian Tryhorn and Tim Price add multi-instrumentalist Matthew Barker to their live arsenal, featuring on percussion, synthesiser and saxophone.

The September 2010 EP release, Diamonds and Dust has performed well, with track 1 Behind That Smile awarded a 2010 Q-Song Highly Commended spot in the Blues and Roots category whilst track 4 Home was the number 1 song in 4ZzZ's Hot 100 songs of 2010. Home was also in the top 20 purchased singles in the week it was released on iTunes Australia (Blues genre) and has been used in a range of international synch opportunities.

On the cards for the rest of 2011 are a number of confirmed festival dates including Village Festival and The Gathering Festival with more to be announced.
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