The Wild Comforts

Joshua Deeble - vocals/acoustic guitar/songwriter   |   Ryan Grace - drums   |   Kalebh Deeble - bass   |   Josh Redford - lead electric guitar/back-up vocals

100 Songs Recordings 

Come Out Tonight (Until Closing Time)

Recorded on Day 1 in Gasworks Studio C.

Engineer: Peet Gardner
Mix Engineer: Peet Gardner
Executive Producers: Phil Graham and Julian Knowles
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The Wild Comforts sound is as unique as how they came together; from traditional country songs like 'disappearing house' to the more upbeat 'every girl carries a gun', then there is the epically dark Murder Ballad 'kill bill'. Their debut album is split into two parts, with a bunch of guest musicians playing instruments such as mandolin, violin, pedal steel, harmonica and piano. Their live set a heavier more energetic version of the songs.

The Wild Comforts don't buy into the clean, uninspired lyrical, over-produced music that so many young bands are making today, they are a dirty country band ready to make you wish your wife left you, your ute was broken and your dog was dead so you could write country songs too...
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