The Jungle Giants

Sam Hales - vocals/guitar   |   Cesira Aitken - lead guitar   |   Andrew Dooris - bass guitar/backing vocals   |   Keelan Bijker - drums

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The Jungle Giants - Country

Recorded on Day 3 in Gasworks Studio C.

Engineer: Andy Brader
Mix Engineer: Julian Knowles
Executive Producers: Phil Graham and Julian Knowles
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As most teenagers finish high school, they generally either get stuck into university or make plans to travel the world. Instead of working two jobs to save for a round the world ticket, Sam Hales (Vocals/Guitar), front man of The Jungle Giants was saving to record their first EP.

It was in high school that Sam realised he had the skills to pen a tune. Performing acoustically at first, his tastes were evolving and he wanted to take his sound further. A jam with school buddies, Cesira Atiken (Lead Guitar), Andrew Dooris (Bass Guitar/Vocals) and Keelan Biiker (Drums) created the indie-pop sound that is now The Jungle Giants.

Since their inception earlier this year, they have released their debut self-titled EP that they recorded in their hometown of Brisbane with acclaimed local producer Yanto Browning. As a band, it was treated more like a demo - essentially their introduction to the industry. Unbeknownst at the time, it has since spawned a slew of industry attention and their debut single 'Mr Polite' has already received a nod from triple j.

In only eight shows, The Jungle Giants have shared the stage with popular locals The Medics and graced the stage at the sold out boutique music event Track & Field, alongside Ball Park Music and Last Dinosaurs. With glowing reviews surfacing after every live show, this pop quartet has quickly garnered the reputation of a band to see.

With that in mind, The Jungle Giants are set to make their maiden voyage interstate in support of their debut EP this August. This run of shows will be topped off with a sought-after showcase spot at the nationally renowned BigSound Music conference.
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