Euan Bruce - guitar/vocals/bass   |   Nicholas Schwarer - vocals/guitar/bass   |   Andrew Churchill - drums/vocals   |   Dimity Elson - keyboards/vocals/highkicks

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Seals - Red, Green, Blue

Recorded on Day 1 in Gasworks Studio C.

Engineer: Phil Graham
Mix Engineer: Phil Graham
Executive Producers: Phil Graham and Julian Knowles
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SEALS play a unique blend of psychedelic pop and electro funk. Some of their songs are happy and jangly, others are heavier and dancier. All of them are catchy. SEALS evolved in early 2011 after two years known as The Baby Seal Club. They will release the first material under the new name - their follow-up EP Castaways. From there the band go international, embarking on a 15 stop tour of the UK. 'This CD is a brilliant debut release which raises the stakes for a glut of young Brisbane pop bands...' Time Off. Their debut EP Paradise (2010) was self-produced and captured the raw energy of a band realising they were at the start of something magnificent.

The band made their TV debut when Death Ray was chosen for the final of the recent Quiksilver Pro surf contest. When Balcony TV announced they were opening a Brisbane branch, it was SEALS they chose to mark the occasion - with an acoustic version of their B side Creepy. Most recently, The Red Cross Blood Bank approached the band to film a mini-documentary which they will use to raise youth awareness. Their music can be found in many places, mostly for free: JJJ unearthed, facebook, bandcamp, soundcloud, myspace and itunes. Or you can get a good old fashioned hard copy at one of their upcoming shows. Discography Paradise EP (2010) Castaways EP (2011)
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