Novella Beggars

Jack Paterson - Lead Vocals/Guitar   |   Jordan Crabtree - Lead Guitar/Vocals   |   Matt Malone - Bass/Vocals   |   Peter Lavrencic - Drums

100 Songs Recordings 

Novella Beggars - Signals

Recorded on Day 6 in Gasworks Studio A.

Engineer: Julian Knowles
Mix Engineer: Julian Knowles
Executive Producers: Phil Graham and Julian Knowles
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The Novella Beggars began in the late 00's, December 18th, 2009 to be exact, during an adolescent party.

For a bunch of 17 year old kids they've torn up local stages with some insane bands, some entertainment centers and several festivals with their monstrous powers. They've recorded a live EP at Woodridge, that has yet to be completed.

A few words from the band themselves..
'Our style consists of a mix and mash between, Rock/Alternative, Indie, Free form, experimental, and some incredibly old school thrashy riffs. The shows we play are absolutely packed with energy and give off some super sweet vibes, with some fast paced and ripping beats and chords, even down to the slowest of songs. Soulfulness, swing and an amazing atmosphere provided. Our influences include, Thrice, American Football, Closure In Moscow, Circa Survive, The Paper and The Plane, The Medics, Tin Can Radio and Castevet.'
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