My Cerulean Heart

Anthony Smith - synths/production/vocals   |   Heidi Millington - vocals/synths/production   |   Fflur Collier - found sounds/exotic percussion/vocals   |   Josh Denaro - synths/vocals

100 Songs Recordings 

Street Lights

Originally recorded on Day 2 in Gasworks Studio B.

Engineer: Julian Knowles
Mix engineer: Julian Knowles
Produced by: Julian Knowles and Donna Hewitt
Co-produced by: Donna Hewitt

This version is from compilation album Twelve: The Best of IMP's 100 Songs Project 2011
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MY CERULEAN HEART make beautiful, blissful beats in Brisbane. They mix the old with new to make shimmery electro and beautiful avante pop electronica. Cutting edge synths hit found and traditional sounds. Their electronica is more lyrically driven than most dance electronica acts, allowing them to create a sense of intimate connection with the audience while still putting on an amazing live show. Their experimental nature ensures their sound is engaging and explores new avenues with every release. With beats, textures, and lush synth sounds, they create music and lyrics that are truthful and honest. Their music resonates with the secret romantic places in people's hearts. Their beautiful hopeful lyrics are suffused with sparkling harmonies.

Heidi and Anthony produce beats, synths and melodies. Fflur writes gorgeous vocals, harmonies and found percussion sounds. Josh brings his classical training on piano to create a vibrant sound. Heidi's whimsical, hope suffused lyrics form the core of the band's content but song writing duties are shared.

Think Goldfrapp glamour meets Bat For Lashes mystique with Miss Kittin attitude. As well as playing regularly in Brisbane, they have toured Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Paris and outback Queensland. They were nominated for a Q Song award (2008, Electronic New Music as Dizzygotheca) and ranked in the Top 20 in 4ZzZ's Hot 100.

Airplay includes Radio National, ABC Classic FM, J TV, and Australian and international community radio. They have had tracks on Australian and International compilations (Fiend Magazine, ElectroStatik (USA), Ladyfest Brisbane). Heidi and Anthony have leant their production skills to remixes (Ghostboy) and movie sound tracks.
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