Lucy Star Satellite

Deb Suckling, Craig Spann

100 Songs Recordings 

The Long Way Home

Recorded on Day 2 in Gasworks Studio C.

Engineer: Andy Brader
Mix Engineer: Julian Knowles
Executive Producers: Phil Graham and Julian Knowles
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Lucy Star Satellite is the latest musical excursion for Brisbane songwriters Deb Suckling and Craig Spann.

For years they have been making music as two very different Brisbane bands - Brindle and The Peachfish.

Over the last little while however, they've been writing music that doesn't really fit with anything they've done before. So, the idea behind Lucy Star Satellite is a new beginning, a new name, and (for them at least) a new way to make music.

Tthe full line up - which includes Chris O'Neill on drums and Vicki Watson on bass/voice - is coming together just nicely thank you very much.

Lucy Star Satellite is stripped back, spaced out and at times cinematic in scope, the type of music you want to play late at night with the lights down low.
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