Ivy May Dillon

Kate Herrington - vocals/guitar/tape player   |   Dan Huey - drums

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Ivy May Dillon - Jesus

Recorded on Day 2 in Gasworks Studio C.

Engineer: Tristan Hoogland
Mix Engineer: Tristan Hoogland
Executive Producers: Phil Graham and Julian Knowles
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Ivy May Dillon began playing Brisbane shows in 2010 to a growing audience of indie rock enthusiasts. After developing a "sound", the band began to receive requests for recorded material and soon entered the Doggett Street Studios to record with Tristan Hoogland. In early 2011 the band took a break from the local music scene, and lead singer Kate Herrington took the project overseas to Berlin. Now back in Australia, Ivy May Dillon are playing shows all around Brisbane with a fresh repertoire and inspired direction for the future.
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