Inland Sea

Jeremiah Hunter - acoustic guitar/vocals   |   Dani Marano - vocals   |   Tahlee Frith - mandolin/vocals   |   Beau Frith - guitar   |   Claire Whiting - Vocals   |   Alastair McRae - ukulele/vocals   |   Steele Chabau - bass   |   Chloe Richardson - violin   |   Jack Gleeson - drums   |   Danielle Golding - cello

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Recorded on Day 1 in Gasworks Studio A.

Engineer: Tristan Hoogland
Mix Engineer: Tristan Hoogland
Executive Producers: Phil Graham and Julian Knowles
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The ten members of Brisbane's Inland Sea are bound together by a love of complex harmonies and song writing. Since forming in early 2010 Inland Sea have won hearts with their luscious five-part vocal harmonies, interwoven instrumentation and lyrical sincerity. Creating a sound that soars and swells higher than the tide, their music evokes the awe, majesty, melancholy and bittersweet joy of the stormy shore.
In 2011, Inland Sea are going from strength to strength, winning a spot at Laneway from Triple J Unearthed, and playing shortly after at Playground Weekender for their debut interstate show. They also secured a support slot for the John Steel Singers/Jonathan Boulet "Here's Johnny" Tour in March. The months ahead bring the official release of their debut EP, "Traitor" through Plus One records.
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