Drawn from Bees

Dan James - vocals/guitars   |   Stew Riddle - bass/vocals   |   Raven Jones - guitars/keys   |   Matt Wedmaier - drums/vocals

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Waiting For The End

Recorded on Day 2 in Gasworks Studio A.

Engineer: Tristan Hoogland
Mix Engineer: Tristan Hoogland
Executive Producers: Phil Graham and Julian Knowles
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The attitude which Drawn from Bees bring to their music making is anything but ordinary, choosing to initiate their musical journey with the statement of a four-album concept box set in their first two years.

Touring Australia at length to maximise this early exposure, Drawn from Bees soon had industry and fans alike anticipating their sophomore release, And the Blind Shall Lead the Way. Lead single Long Tooth Setting Sun was added to rotation on several radio stations in Australia, as well as gaining radio play in US, UK, Finland, Poland and Germany.

Last year saw Drawn from Bees released their debut album, Fear Not the Footsteps of the Departed, to critical acclaim, including four star reviews in The Australian and Rolling Stone Magazine. The band immediately set their sights on the international stage, travelling to Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London and Perth to play at various international showcases and touring across the UK. Drawn from Bees undertook another series of shows across Australia before rounding off the year with a high impact performance on New Year's Eve at Woodford Folk Festival.
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Drawn from Bees Drawn from Bees Drawn from Bees Drawn from Bees Drawn from Bees