Desert Ghost

James Challis - guitar/vocals   |   Hamish Miller - guitar/kaos   |   Tony Bates - drums/vocals   |   Chris Jones- bass/samples

100 Songs Recordings 

Count Them

Originally recorded on Day 3 in Gasworks Studio A.

Engineers: Peet Gardner and Julian Knowles
Mix engineer: Julian Knowles
Produced by: Julian Knowles

This version is from compilation album Twelve: The Best of IMP's 100 Songs Project 2011
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Recorded on Day 3 in Gasworks Studio A.

Engineer: Peet Gardner
Mix Engineer: Peet Gardner
Executive Producers: Phil Graham and Julian Knowles
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Desert Ghost combine soaring vocals, interwoven guitar lines, and a punishing rhythm section to bring something quite unique to the Brisbane scene. Formed by guitarists James and Hamish in 2009, the band maintained a coherent line-up long enough to perform a gig before splintering off into other projects. James and Hamish kept writing material, before finding drummer, Tony and bassist, Chris in 2010.

Tony, a veteran of the US west coast music scene, picked up the sticks again while studying medicine. Chris had joined Desert Ghost after playing dozens of gigs in local bands.

The band hammered out a set and performed their first gigs in November & December 2010, before opening for up-and-coming locals Tinian's Boy at the Zoo in January 2011. Desert Ghost are now in a phase of finalising their songs and preparing for the recording process, while expanding on their sound and live experience.
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