Brianna Carpenter

Brianna Carpenter

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The Way I Used To

Originally recorded on Day 3 in Gasworks Studio B.

Engineer: Tristan Hoogland
Mix engineer: Tristan Hoogland
Produced by: Phil Graham and Briony Luttrell

This version is from compilation album Twelve: The Best of IMP's 100 Songs Project 2011
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Brianna Carpenter loves colour. She seeks it in the clothes she wears, the people she meets, the music she listens to and the music she composes.

Brianna has completed a degree in Popular Music at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. She has been recognised consistently for her production and songwriting abilities with short listings in the Apra Professional Development Award (2009), QSong Awards (2009), Music Oz Awards (2009), NA2R Awards (2009) and the Australian Spirit of Youth Awards (2006 - also featuring Kisschasy, Wolf and Cub and Princess One Point Five).

Amongst all the excitement of television and music degrees, Brianna also managed to self-fund and co-produce her debut album "Harlequin". This album was her baby, which she nurtured with the help of producer Brendan Anthony who has worked with the likes of INXS, Midnight Oil, Wendy Mathews and also George, Wheatus and The Ten Tenors. The album is a result of almost 10 years of Brianna's musical journey.
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