Big Dead

Cameron Bower - Keys/ Guitar/Vocals/Laptop   |   Reuben Neilsen - Bass/Vocals   |   Joshua Dunn - Guitar/Keys/Vocals/Laptop   |   Andrew Fincher - Keys/Guitar   |   Nathan MacGregor - Drums

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(The Sun Also Rises)

Originally recorded on Day 4 in Gasworks Studio C.

Engineer: Tristan Hoogland
Mix engineers: Phil Graham and Briony Luttrell
Produced by: Phil Graham and Briony Luttrell

This version is from compilation album Twelve: The Best of IMP's 100 Songs Project 2011
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Big Dead have been making music in one form or another since roughly 2008. Recently the group finished their first self recorded EP: A Very Short Story. This material was the summation of the group up until this point. Shortly after the completion of "A Very Short Story" the group lost two of its members to rabid zombie death. With the new line up, Big Dead has shifted its focus to live interactive improvisations and a mix of instrumental composition, and songwriting.
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