Bertie Page Clinic

Bertie Page - vocals   |   John Meyer - guitar   |   James Lees - drums   |   Clint Morrow - guitar   |   Kylie Lovejoy - bass

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Rock 'N' Roll Is My Business Plan

Recorded on Day 3 in Gasworks Studio A.

Engineer: Peet Gardner
Mix Engineer: Phil Graham
Executive Producers: Phil Graham and Julian Knowles
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Bertie Page Clinic is the child of burlesque and classic rock. Australian Cabaret star Bertie Page heads up this wicked little band of retrograde rockers. Their punchy tracks are a collaboration between Miss Page and composer Phill Wilson (Chucknee, Deep Blue Orchestra, founding member of BlowHard). These witty works combine the best elements of yacht rock, punk rock and poodle rock, pulled off with a Jim Steinman flair.

The instrumental lineup features the finest of Brisbane's underground music scene: John Meyer (The Good Ship), Clint Morrow (The Soundcasters) and James Lees (Silver Sircus). Bertie leads the charge with her hard belting vocals and sees that her stable of fine young men are kept in line.

2009 saw the Clinic playing shows up and down the east coast, disgracing venues in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and playing with the likes of Spencer P. Jones (Beasts of Bourbon), and Spitfireliar. In solo mode Miss Bertie also shared the stage with international artists Monster Magnet, Peaches and Wolfmother.

Burly-rock will be upon us soon! Bertie Page Clinic's debut album is to be released in summer 2010, after the sultry goddess returns from her solo European tour including shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, London, Rennes (France, Beast Records) and Berlin.
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