Amela Duheric

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Tough Is Love

Originally recorded on Day 4 in Gasworks Studio B.

Engineer: Phil Graham
Assistant engineer: Thomas Bryce
Mix engineer: Phil Graham and Briony Luttrell
Produced by: Phil Graham and Briony Luttrell

This version is from compilation album Twelve: The Best of IMP's 100 Songs Project 2011
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Amela - Bats

Recorded on Day 4 in Gasworks Studio B.

Engineer: David Champion
Mix Engineer: David Champion
Executive Producers: Phil Graham and Julian Knowles
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At only 18 years of age, Amela Duheric is already steadfast and strong in the Australian folk music arena. Writing her first song on piano when she was just 10 years old. Now, with many years of experience already behind her, Amela is maturing more as a musician every day, her youthful optimism and wide-eyed point of view radiating in her beautiful acoustic songs. Soon to release her first EP Exhale, which was recorded between Los Angeles and the Gold Coast, Amela's musical journey is set to round yet another musical turning point. Her current single, Come Home, already has over 19,000 hits on Youtube, and with achievements including recording in Los Angeles last year, being in the Top 3 in Australia for the Telstra Road to Tamworth singer/songwriters section, and playing alongside idol Casey Chambers earlier this year, Amela is one to watch.
Amela inspires hope with her soulful rhythms and incredible ability to capture her emotions, combining them with her crystal clear voice and effective guitar chord structures, and then performing with a warmth which draws her audience in and holds them close.

Amela's passion for music will only see her make more confident moves as she matures, but the wisdom she already exudes has audiences enraptured.
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