Crown Birds

100 Songs Recordings 

Late In The Evening

Recorded on Day 6 in Gasworks Studio A.

Engineer: Magoo
Mix Engineer: Magoo
Executive Producers: Phil Graham, Julian Knowles, Mike Howlett and Andy Arthurs

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Formed spontaneously to prevent a certain 100 Songs organiser from having a heart attack when a scheduled act did not show up Crown Birds are living proof that you can form a band, write a beautiful song and record it in under 4 hours.

The mysterious bunch of musicians are actually a few of the wonderful studio assistants who helped out the engineers during the project plus a few ring-ins who smelt a song brewing and followed the trail into the studio like that cartoon where the dude smells a pie baking and by sniffing very hard finds himself at the window ledge the pie is resting on without having to use his legs to get there.

Crown Birds were a rare and beautiful occurance. Though their next musical adventure is unknown you can be sure that whenever there is a no show in the studio their is the chance they will show up and wow you again.

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